=> We start from San Sebastián de La Gomera.

=> We give detailed information on flora, fauna, history, traditional customs etc

=> We speak English, German and Spanish.

=> We try some local delicacies typical of La Gomera on our tours.




Lorbeerwald  Pilze

Among mosses and mists

The laurel forest of La Gomera, a relic from the Tertiary Era, is home to a great diversity of species, some of them found nowhere else in the world. Swathed in mists conjured up by the trade winds, it invites us to uncover its secrets, get to know its unique features and enjoy its pure air and beauty. We shall go deep within this ancient forest and experience it for ourselves. After the hike we shall stop off at a local bar where you may try some traditional fare. (Refreshments not included in the price).

=> Duration: aprox. 6 hours. (9.30h -15.30h)

=> Hiking route: aprox. 3:30 hours / 250 m ascent / 250 m descent / 8 km

=> Price:  40 € / person (5-12 participants)

                  50 € / person (3-4 participants)


WEDNESDAY – Round the Island Tour with a short Hike through the Laurel forest


Abrante  Jardin de Las Creces


Today we shalll drive around the island and its fertile valleys, enjoying spectacular views. Passing through the towns in the north we can find out about the cultivation of the banana, taste the Chorros de Epina spring water with its curative properties and contemplate the mystical flat-topped mountain of La Fortaleza, an emblem of La Gomera. We will enjoy the Canarian laurel forest on a short hike. On the way home we can take in the natural monument of Los Roques, the most impressive group of volcanic plugs in the Canaries.

=> Duration: aprox. 6 – 7 hours (9.30h -16.30h)

=> Stops at the most impressive viewpoints

=> Price:  40 € / person (7-15 participants)

                  50 € / person (3-6 participants)




SONY DSC  Ruta LagunaGrande ValleGranRey (1)


The island of a thousand faces


Isolated mountain villages, narrow trails with breath-taking views, romantic paths winding through palm-groves, an enchanted forest… All this makes hiking on La Gomera a unique experience. On our route you can marvel over views down into immense valleys, wander in the mystical laurel forest and wrap yourself in the veils of mist the trade winds blow amongst the trees.

=> Duration: aprox. 6:30 horas (9.30h -16.00h)

=> Hiking route: aprox. 5 horas / 350 m ascent / 450 m descent / 11 km

=> Price:  40 € / person (5-12 participants)

                  50 € / person (3-4 participants)



saltadores2  Im Valle Gran Rey 

The South of La Gomera: a journey back in time

Going back in time, we begin our route at an emblematic place for the ancient Gomerans: the mountain of Tagaragunche, where we shall learn about their ancient rituals. We hike on, passing through the hamlets of Targa and Antoncojo, where we can see how the country folk lived and worked. Here sheep and goat herding still flourishes and you will learn about the traditional salto del pastor. Continuing on from here, we get a view down to the island’s south coast and can witness how much tourism now influences the Gomeran economy. During the hike you will be able to try some of the island’s local delicacies.

=> Hiking route: aprox. 4 hours / 200 m ascent / 450 m descent / 8 km

=> Price:  40 € / person (5-12 participants)

                  50 € / person (3-4 participants)